Thursday, 17 November 2016

Another confession

I can not believe that it already has been 1.6 years that u have been in my life ...:)

It feels great that i am still on your mind and we share a strong bond...i hope we always be the besties ..and partner .

May our love grow ...

I still remember the first day we started hanging out together ..😙 i am so much in love with u annu ... sometimes it hurts ..actually most of the time it hurts ...may be its the beauty of love ... 😋

I want to persue my dreams ..i want to stand for my values ...i want to be with you ...i want to love you ...i want to be loved " only by you "........

annu our journey has just begun  ..... we need to stick to each other each other more than everything ....

I am sharing my feelings ..even though that i l know you will not say anything .... i will always love you ....forever and ever...😘💘❤

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