Thursday, 17 November 2016

Another confession

I can not believe that it already has been 1.6 years that u have been in my life ...:)

It feels great that i am still on your mind and we share a strong bond...i hope we always be the besties ..and partner .

May our love grow ...

I still remember the first day we started hanging out together ..😙 i am so much in love with u annu ... sometimes it hurts ..actually most of the time it hurts ...may be its the beauty of love ... 😋

I want to persue my dreams ..i want to stand for my values ...i want to be with you ...i want to love you ...i want to be loved " only by you "........

annu our journey has just begun  ..... we need to stick to each other each other more than everything ....

I am sharing my feelings ..even though that i l know you will not say anything .... i will always love you ....forever and ever...😘💘❤

Wednesday, 16 November 2016



Start from where ?? :(:(:(
I want to cry ...i want to scream ...but then i want to go to the top of mountain .... :)

I want to win ....but i am ready to loose to him ....everytime i feel like an idiot that he insults me ....he makes me feel bad ....

He is the love of my life ...may be i am wrong ...may be i am still making mistakes ...😔 but why cant he see my efforts that i try ...why he cant see what i feel ...after all i am a different person and i have my personal believes ....

Zindagi ..... tu bhi kamal hai ... pehle use mera bana diya abb...use khone ka dar aur apna banae rakhne ka dar pareshan krta h ...

Kash k jaan pati k kya hai zindagi ...kya h pyar ...kya hai hamara rishta

Monday, 24 October 2016

Random Thoughts

Dark night ...and open sky !!
Walking in the middle of the road ...
So many people around me ...but why am i thinking about that stupid guy !!!

Answer is very simple :)
I love him <3 <3
 I have been with for a while now ... well thats pretty great ....but untill now i was bit insecured about him ...
Which made me go crazy every now and then ...

But after spending another 2 weeks with him has given me the comfort i needed ...

I am finally happy ...that my love is only mine :)

I am looking forward that you are coming back to me ..and we will be living together forever after this.
I love you so much 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Random thought

Sometimes i wonder what is Love to be exact !!!
Is it sacrifice , care , respect , understanding , trust !!!

To be honest i dont know ....:(

How can it even happen that you are on my mind 24*7 ..i wonder

Even if i wake up @2 AM .
I think of you:)

I check my phone 1000 times a day just to check if you have called ..:(
It is really hard to wait ; but when i think that you will come and grab me as a reward of me waiting ...i am ready for it.

But is it right that i let you take me for granted ??

Is it right that i should first measure the amount of love , that will not make me feel low ....

I wish i was your priority ...:( but i am not .

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My story

Lets hear some story .....

A baby girl was born .
She was the youngest child of her parents ....
As time passed by ....she started going school .
She turned out to be a very intelligent child .
Her parents were proud of her .
Being from a middle class budiness background family ...she was expected to go out in the world and achieve the recognition .

She was raised to be amibitious ...bold and strong .

Her parents supported her to study ...and she tried ...

After some time when she was about to graduate ...A guy came into her life ...laughing ..full of colors

Giving her rejoices of life and showing her stars...
She was falling for him and so did he ....

They became lovers ... filling each others life with love and compassion ...they started being closer .

But time is not a friend to any one ...time took him away ... he went to somewhere else ..while she stayed back at the place .

She started to miss him ..... they used to meet ...but could not stay tohether ....

The girl is still waiting for him ...he promised to his girl that he will cone back for her ...but she does not trust time again ...
She doesn't want to loose him ....
She is scared ..
But every time she share her feelings with him ...
A storm rises and destroyes everything ...

In the path of love ...she is feeling alone :(

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


No , i dont want you to talk to me 24*7
I want to know that you love me 27*7...

Your love flow in my blood ...i dont want to bind you...i want to keep you

I dont want yo be clingy ...i want to wanted

I dont want to cry because of you ...i want to be happy for you , with you

When you are around ...everything is perfect in a non perfect way ...

You dont have to sacrifice anything for me ...ill do that ....u just smile and love me ....

And i will take your sorrows and give you everything you deserve ....

You can take all your time to yourself only ....i will talk to your memeories

Dont talk about staying apart for another infinite time scares me ...threatens me

All i need is with me...near me ...around me ...and i will be happy to the moon and back.

Tell me how much you love me 100 times a day ..thats all i want

Be mine ..not anything else's  ...thats all i want

Now tell me what fo you want ...!!

Complex relationship!!!
Unlimited Love!!!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Random thoughts

I know that you are in pain
But let it be .
Let this pain remind you your heart that you are  still alive
Lets go together and face tomorrow
It will be over ...the pain will be gone soon
And you will be the strongest person
Keep fighting ...its your race ..i know that you will win .

Love your self
Clap for your self
Love your present and be happy